Online Coursework for Sharing and Learning

Friday, June 05, 2009

Being a college student is different from high school student especially in subjects. When I was in high school, I was only reading textbook, but when I'm being a college student I need more reference for the task. Books are not always available in library, it is very limited. Infact, electrical engineering and computer science major needed a new reference and always up to date. I really need EE Textbook Solution for my latest project.

Fortunately I found social learning network where I can get the latest references. This site allows college student to learn together online, outside classroom and outside country. It's easily to get EE Lecture Note in Course Hero. This is totally complete knowledge resources. Why? Besides, we can take many published work from student or lecturer, we also can share our work. This is what I called online learning, sharing and brainstorming.

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  1. positipe seng arep koment neng mikir dikek karepe opo kiye?bahsa opo maneh ki yo :f: :f:

  2. nice posting....hheeeheheh

  3. Tansoyo ketinggalan....lama gak blogwalking.....sekaranng dah banyak yang make bahasa inggris.....termsuk paid review po piye to...?

  4. entuk ko ndi ki?

    tak ngganti kategori disik nang BV