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Saturday, April 18, 2009

One month ago, my sisters have her first child birth. A cute little boy. In our family, we used to gave gifts to the birth of new family member. I want to give something good and useful. I used to search for information goods sold on the internet. Because I think more easily, quickly, and many options. I am still single so not understand what the baby needs.

When I was browsing the internet I found the web to provide product guide baby products. This guide is complete with a description of the product detail. I choose stroller as a small gift. I think this goods will be useful . There are many choices of color and type can be selected. Finally I decided to buy the black one.

There are other baby products to choose from such as baby carries, baby clothes, baby car seats. I also buy some baby clothes. I love blue color, so I pick one jacket and two baby toddler. I do not worry will choose unuseful product because there is a very complete guide including description and price. You can try shopping online for your baby in shopwiki. Why not?

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  1. Mbak ebong mau punya anak, hehehe

  2. kapan pnya anak mbk. pean?
    undang y0 ntar tak kad0 aquarium buat anakx,
    kan anakx ceb0ng,
    wkwkwk biar berenang get0

  3. wkwkwkw... ikutan ngguyu... wakakaka..

  4. Blogku ternyata diliput di dan dan temukan juga teknik jitu Adsense agar US$ anda menjadi spt saya yaitu, US$570,07

    hehehe... ngiklan gratis, awas kalo dihapus!!

    bcanda.. dihapus jg gpp.. btw tadi ketigaxxx... ya

  5. wah, metode antarannya cepet gak bong...

  6. Nama anaknya Dollar ya bong... xixixixi

  7. anaknya udah brapa mbak..??

  8. @jafar:wkwkwkwkkw ngarang
    @ifoel:ohohohoh tau ajah
    @Kang sury: cepet kang, pke TIKI
    @mas bo:we ya mau lah

  9. wiii...
    what a nice auntie!! :h:

    congrats for the new baby born!

    shopping online? bowleh bowleh...
    tapi yang serem penepuan pke kartu kreditnya, fyuh!