Find Your Friend and Get Connected

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm a person who like socializing, love to find new friends, and share experiences. Internet is not just a place to search information but also to find for a friend. I am really happy to join in the social network sites because I can get many friends from different countries.

Yesterday I tried to a new social network site, acobay. Overview of the appearance is still simple. But I believe it's updated constantly and we can expect for improvement and get new features day to day.

I like to discuss about interesting things. So I joined the pet network. I like cats, and I find people who have the same hobby. They each share their pet photos. Not only cat, but also another pet such as dog, rabbit, bird etc.

In addition, I also interest to read book. Fortunately there are book network. Network members share book reviews that they have read. This is an objective reference before I buy the book. It is so fun, isn't it? So come on, join now.

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